This clutch is truly "A match made in heaven."  Each of the materials have been upcycled from different Italian factories and yet they go together perfectly. From  color palette to textile design this one takes the cake!  The circular quilted embroidery is so unique and perfect, I for one am in love.

Perfect for day or night, take just the essentials, keep it light and show off your sustainable style to the world!

  • one of a kind
  • cut by hand, machine + hand sewn in Italy
  • exterior is crafted from nylon/polyester/cotton/synthetic down
  • cotton/poly blend interior
  • measures h 12 X w 23 X d 6 cm (4.7 X 9.1 X 2.4 in)
  • plastic molded top zip fastening
  • black metal d-ring
  • leather embossed logo label
  • black leather handle and tab