About Us

KRNACH is a brand based near Florence (Italy) founded by Amanda Beth Krnach. 

With over a decade of experience in the fashion industry, designing collection after collection and having a close relationship with textile mills it occurred to Amanda that the apparel industry creates an overabundance of textile waste on our planet, even in its first stage of production and pre-production.
All of these sourcing samples, strike-offs, and fabric remnants, deriving from both textile mills as well as from fashion companies are intoxicating the world we live in.  It is trash that will neither decompose or biodegrade.
Especially synthetic fabrics as beautiful and innovative these materials may be, their end of the line is in our landfills and incinerators.
This is where KRNACH comes into play, taking these so-called "scraps" and turning them into one of a kind bags in the most sustainable way possible, by hand, and not in mass production.
KRNACH rescues what's left and turns it into an essential accessory that will complement not only your wardrobe but also your planet.