C/C  N. 006
C/C  N. 006

C/C N. 006

Wrap these muted, soft colors with just a hint of shimmer around your neck.  Looks great with a chambray blouse or head to toe denim! 

Delicately sewn together, this color palette is the unchanged offering from the Italian textile mill.  Sturdy leather cording is hand wrapped with embroidery floss and a square glass closure which came from a spare chandelier part I found at a local antique market in Tuscany. 

Please note the possibility of imperfections on these miniature swatches as they are used as is.  Once peeled away from the cardboard there may be remains of paper. This only enhances the pure beauty of the material that is left in its raw and unchanged state. Loose threads may also occur, but for me this is a desired design detail.

  • one of a kind
  • handmade in Italy
  • crafted from polyester/cotton
  • length 44 cm (17. 3 in) 
  • embroidery floss covered leather cording
  • round glass closure